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Redesigning ClojureQL's Frontend

I've not updated this blog in a while as I've been pretty busy for the past few weeks. I've got many projects on the table and one of them is starting to get really interesting. I'm obviously talking about the subject of this post, ClojureQL. I've mainly been working on the backend since the end of last year. In the meantime, Meikel has started a rework of the frontend to provide a cleaner API, free from the magical artifacts introduced by using macros like in the current (0.9.7) version. This rework have been triggered by a post carefully explaining the issue, courtesy of Zef.

I won't go further than a linkfest so here are the important links for those interested in the future of ClojureQL:

We're also ready to receive your suggestions on the brand new clojureql group. Please, visit the Wiki pages and tell us about what you think.

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