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What the Hell is Happening at ATI?

I got an ATI card for building my last box, would have prefered a Nvidia one, but got a good deal on this card. Overall it's been a good investment, but the situation is slipping down. There have been more and more driver updates lately and now it's getting desperate. I rarely play these days, but all the time I tried in the past months, lots of games were crashing in various ways. Hoping to get these problems resolved, today I tried to install the new Catalyst 9.12 driver, but the installer fails, it simply vanish while using 10% of the processor! To figure out that one, I googled to see if I wasn't alone and there happen to be quite a lot of forum posts discussing the issue. Seeing their content wasn't really comforting either, lots of steps to fix the problem, too much for my current motivation. I'd rather get an Nvidia card instead, but can't currently fit this in my (ramen) budget, even tho entry-level cards are now really powerful. So no gaming for the future ahead, programming is much more fun anyway.

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