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Hello World!

Hello world! I have currently nothing interesting to say, just posting to see how posts are looking with my selected theme. I have to fill up this post a little bit, so that I'll be able to better judge the appearance of a sufficiently large body of text. How much more completely useless text I still have to write for that state to be attained is not yet clear in my mind. Maybe I'll continue until I'm too tired, or not. There's a chance I'll write it in pieces, spread over many days. Anyhow, this isn't very important, even for a post hopefully devoid of any meaning.

Going the Lorem Ipsum way isn't an option, though, as I'm hopelessly tired of reading that text. Moreover I don't even read Latin. Which bring me to a potentially interesting subject, that is: "How can we assess the pertinence of a given text?" It's quite hard to determine how interesting such a subject is and I fear I could not reveal all of its intricacies. Well, let's not discourage ourselves with these petty concerns and write some more. First and foremost, it's more than obvious that pertinence is a relative concept. Not everybody would be equally interested in reading some collection of more of less related words arranged according to a somewhat coherent set of semantic rules.

And how much the actual meaning is affected by styling concerns? Can it be actually obscured by them? Does a poorly written piece of text containing the same meaning as a masterpiece is necessarily of lesser value. Maybe it can have some advantages over the better one, like it could be of a smaller size, thus requiring less time to read. Is this example even possible? Theoretically and on the top of my head I'd say yes, but that would be more an exception than a rule.

OK, now this post is starting to look like it may be big enough. At last, the end of the tunnel is near, I can feel it. I'll stop anytime now...

No, that wasn't really it. There's still more words for me to write and for you to read, however silly they are. Those two actions will evidently not be done at the same time, unless referring to myself as the reader. And here's another potentially interesting question arising: "Can we write and read at the same time?" Well not really interesting, I would even say that nobody care about that question outside some neurologists somewhere found on this planet. Which bring me to another question, this one incredibly more asinine than the previous ones: "Is there neurologists on other planets?" I'll abstain on commenting on this one though.

In the end, I just hope I'm not making too much sense as it risks to contradict the main objective of this post. I also wonder how many grammatical and styling mistakes I managed to make. There's certainly some vestigial artifacts of my mother tongue here and there. Does punctuation is well used? Did I correctly pluralized each and every words? Will some benevolent readers point them out for me?

P.S.: As usual I have more questions than answers!


  1. "Can we write and read at the same time?"
    -No we can't, according to cognitive psychology, unless you know by heart what you read OR what you write, you can't process two things at once. One expert could multitask by switching back and forth every few milliseconds, giving the impression that he does it simultaneously but it's not physically possible.

    errors (not all) :
    "Those two action", "it risk", "Does punctuation is" (ooh) , "Did I correctly pluralized", etc.
    Almost paradoxical! At least self-referential ...

  2. > No we can't, according to cognitive psychology...

    That's what I actually believed.

    > Almost paradoxical! At least self-referential...

    I'm always missing some ;-)


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